1500W Disinfectant Fogging Machine



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Product Description
【1500W Disinfectant Fogging Machine with 2 x 5L MedBerg Fogging Disinfectant Liquid】

【1】Effectively Kills 99.9% Virus(Covid19) & Bacteria !!
【2】With Natural Lemon Fragrance, Effectively Remove Indoor Odour & Residual Second Hand Smoke
【3】30 Seconds Spray To Cover 1500 s.f.
【4】360 ° No Dead Angle Sterilization
【4】High Power 1500W !!! Better Fog Effect and Longer Life Spray Compare To Normal Market Fog Machine
【5】Less Than 5 Minutes Warm Up
【6】1 Year WARRANTY
【7】Malaysian UK 3 Pin Plug With Fuse
【8】Smaller Molecular and Saturated Powerful Fog to Ensure Thorough Cleaning of All Spaces

How to use:
Step 1: Plug It In and Set The Black Button to Gear II ( Clean)
Step 2: Preheat for 1-3 minutes and Wait For The Green Indicator To Light Up
Step 3: Set the Black Button to Gear I (Warm up) and Wait Till Green Indicator Light Up Again
Step 3: Insert the tube into the bottle of disinfectant
Step 4: Turn the silver knob to the maximum
Note: This Machine Needs To Be Equipped With Special Disinfecting Water For Atomization, Not All Disinfectant Liquid Is Applicable.

1500W Disinfectant Fogging Machine x 1
MedBerg 5L Premium Fogging Disinfectant Liquid x 2

【Estimate Time of Parcel Arriving】
West Malaysia : 1-2 Working days (Usually J&T arrive Next Day!!)
East Malaysia : 3-7 Working days (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan)

【Business Development – Bulk Purchase Enquiries】
Mr Ryan : 011 1122 2211

Additional information

Weight 13.45 kg
Dimensions 54 × 42 × 42 cm

Disinfectant Set, Disinfectant Fogging Liquid (5L)